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Adventures in Nomadic Serendipity
Just because there is a beaten path, that doesn't mean you have to take it...
Bus Training 
23rd-Jun-2011 11:34 am
Life has been an adventure since we returned from the Virgin Islands in April.

Quick Highlights:
We started in Florida visiting family and moving back into our Oliver that had been stored for the past five months at a friend's place. We had no idea what was next for us, other than that we were looking for a new adventure and that we would be open to selling our Oliver sometime within the next year once we had found what was next.

Open the door, and the universe comes knocking... We got a surprise offer that was too good to pass up, so on May 6th we drove up to Virginia and sold our truck and Oliver trailer, leaving ourselves very literally homeless.

We then set off in a borrowed Winnebago Le'Sharo RV to move our stuff (and our cat) to temporary storage at my folk's place in St. Louis. The voyage of the Le'Sharo was rather epic, and I wrote an extremely entertaining blog post about our adventures overcoming the challenges.

In part inspired by our friend Ben and his Creative Cruiser project, we decided to seek out a vintage bus to make our next home. We toured several buses while heading across country in the Le'Sharo, and then we set off with a month long Amtrak rail pass for a cross country train adventure, with the hope that a bus we had our eye on in Oregon would prove to be ideal.

For the past month we have been homeless backpackers, sleeping on trains, couches, and at motels. It has been a blast.

The bus in Oregon didn't work out (but it is an ideal bus for Burning Man - let me know if you know anyone who might be interested!), so we headed south to the land of little rust - Arizona.

Little rust, and extreme heat. We've been roaming the desert in 110+ degree heat, touring hot metal cans that were often literally too hot to touch.

But our hunt paid off!

Yesterday, we purchased a 1961 GM PD-4106 tour bus that had been lovingly converted into an RV in 1989. You can read more and see some photos here.

She needs new wheels and tires and bunches of other work, but overall she seems like an amazing find.

We are HOME again. *grin*
23rd-Jun-2011 07:20 pm (UTC)
If you come through Flagstaff, let me know! I'm here till the end of July, still. :)
23rd-Jun-2011 08:38 pm (UTC)
well there goes the low fuel cost. but yay cool
23rd-Jun-2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
Heh.. low fuel cost? When was that??
23rd-Jun-2011 09:48 pm (UTC)
We are hoping that our overall fuel usage will actually go down.

Before with the Tundra towing the Oliver, we got 12mpg while towing, and around 15mpg around town.

Now - we will get around 7mpg in the bus, but for getting around town we will get some electric bikes and occasionally rent cars that get 30+mpg.

So overall - it might actually end up saving fuel. *grin*
23rd-Jul-2011 01:54 am (UTC) - '61 bus
Cool ride. I wonder what it would cost to licence it in your former home state of Calif. I suppose you will register it in S. Dakota.
I think I rode on that '61 on the way from Pa. to Wisco in the ,60's. back to school. Anyway I enjoy your journal and your sprit.
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