14th Nomadiversary: A Nomad in a Locked-Down World

Fourteen years ago today, I began my life as a full-time Technomad.

At the time I first set off – I was imagining RVing all around the country, exploring Alaska, paramotoring in Baja, backpacking internationally, and contemplating maybe eventually living on a boat.

My imagination was overflowing with dreams of all the potential adventures lying ahead, and there were countless places I was looking forward to exploring.


I certainly never imagined that I would witness the entire country, and the entire world, grinding to a near halt.

What does it mean to be a nomad in a world where “social distancing” is the norm, travel is considered irresponsible (if it hasn’t been restricted entirely), and towns, counties, and even state-level borders are slamming shut to outsiders?

I share some thoughts in my annual nomadiversary post:


Dreamwidth Time?

Sharing histories with a new dear friend had us digging back into LiveJournal, and and it has been wonderful finding so much old awesomeness sitting here mostly forgotten.

I miss this long-form personal blogging that seems to be almost extinct in the world today.

And I hate the thought of ever losing all these great old posts if the Russian Mafia ever decides to shut LiveJournal down.

Years ago I snagged "Radven" over on Dreamwidth, but never did anything there.

How hard is it to move my full LiveJournal history over? And how active are things over there?

Hmmm... Perhaps I will give it a shot - at the very least to have a backup home online for all my early history here.

Thoughts and advice appreciated.


Eleventh Nomadiversary

Today (April 1st, 2017) marks my eleventh year on the road.

I've posted annually just about every year on this date, and flashing back to my first Nomadiversary post reminded me that I should on occasion post to Livejournal too.

To bring anyone who runs across me here up to date:

  • Eleventh Nomadiversary (2017) - I explain our plan to tow our vintage bus as a dinghy behind our new Bayliner 4788 yacht. Why? Y-Not.

  • Tenth Nomadiversary (2016) – I share my past history traveling with a powered paramotor, and our future plans to renovate a Zeppelin to be a flying RV. Meanwhile, we were actually already secretly starting our hunt for a boat.

  • Ninth Nomadiversary (2015) – Sharing test results of LTTE boosters. Not to be confused with cellular LTE boosting, LTTE boosting (Libation: Technology Tribulation Elimination) is an even more critical element of a technomad’s tech arsenal.

  • Eighth Nomadiversary (2014) – Way too swamped and stressed with launching RVillage and dealing with Millenicom madness to write anything wistful or witty.

  • Seventh Nomadiversary (2013) – At last revealing the real reason I first decided to hit the road…

  • Sixth Nomadiversary (2012) – Reminiscing about all the changes over the years.

  • Fifth Nomadiversary (2011) – Giving up nomadism and buying a condo (not!) in the Virgin Islands.

  • Fourth Nomadiversary (2010) – Discovering the secret prize that comes inside every box of wine.

  • Third Nomadiversary (2009) – Camped on a beach near Malibu, watching dolphins frolic.

  • Second Nomadiversary (2008) – Working with Cherie to custom design our Oliver, moving up from a trailer ideal for one to one made for two.

  • First Nomadiversary (2007) – Preparing to set out with Cherie, reminiscing about my first very eventful year on the road – setting off solo and finding an amazing partner along the way.

What a long strange trip its been.

I Miss LiveJournal

After watching the debate tonight, I was flashing back to four years ago when we worked on the Obama campaign, and I searched back to re-read some of my LJ posts from the time - especially my politics tag: http://radven.livejournal.com/tag/politics

Reading some of the old posts made me realize how much I miss LiveJournal.

I can't believe I haven't posted since April.


Hashing / Sixth Nomadiversary

Another year on the road has flown by - today is my sixth nomadiversary.

I posted some reminiscing here: www.technomadia.com/2012/04/sixth-nomadiversary/

We are right now staying in Cedar Key, FL - an absolutely amazing place. It is one of the few places I've encountered in my years traveling that I could actually imagine buying property. Not to settle down - but as an ideal nomadic port.

A impromptu convergence of other nomads has been happening here - it has been great to hang out with so many folks with similar and yet so different backgrounds.

Today two of the nomads who have been a part of Camp Nomadia at Burning Man in the past decided to run a hash for the rest of us here in Cedar Key.

The Hash House Harriers proudly describe themselves as a "drinking club with a running problem" - and there were plenty of beer and raunchy drinking songs to go around. Today we had a four mile run with pre and post-race beer provided, and two beer stops along the way... It was a blast.

And... The whole experience actually flashed me back to when I was 10'ish years old, and living in Indonesia!

There was actually a HHH group that used to run through the jungles around Duri in Sumatra where my dad was working as an engineer for Caltex... I remember getting to actually lay out the Hash trail (which always includes some tricky false trails) once or twice, and running along several times. And I recall being amused at the way the adults made such a fuss about racing through the jungle to find some beer.

I never would have imagined that I'd find myself hashing nearly 30 years later!

It turns out Hashing was actually started by expatriates in Malaysia, and it had spread around the world in the late 70's and 80's. I had always assumed that it was unique to our jungle camps.

But the "drink it down down down down" song flashed me way way back.

Only on today's hash, I didn't have to dodge any elephant poop!

Designer Handbags!?!? Really?!!?

As I mentioned in my prior post, I will soon be turning off anonymous commenting here.

Purging my "to screen" inbox of all the accumulated spam, I can't help but notice that a huge bulk of it lately is relating to various brands of designer handbags. Dozens of comments in the past week alone, on various completely unrelated ancient LiveJournal posts.

Designer handbags??!?

Why on earth would my journal be a target for handbag spam? Tech geekery spam, maybe. But handbags?!!?


Ending Anonymous Comments / Reconnecting Post (Public Version)

I've always allowed for anonymous comments on my LiveJournal because I occasionally get a great reply from someone who doesn't have a LJ account, or who prefers to be anonymous. Anonymous rocks.

But spammers have killed Anonymous.

A few years ago the comment spam got to the point that I started to screen all anonymous posts, so none of them ever make it out to the live web. But for whatever reason, that spam load has only increased. And even on this mostly dormant journal, I am now seeing multiple spam comments per day. *ugh*

So - a week from now, I am going to permanently turn off anonymous commenting.

But until then, here's one last public post to reply to...

A few months ago I suffered a major HD crash that happened to coincide with my getting a new laptop. Rather than restore from backups, I took it as a sign from the universe to do a manual rebuild of all my bookmarks, reading lists, address book, and so on.

My old address book was full of names and numbers of people I can barely remember meeting - many with nothing more than email addresses listed at companies that no longer even exist. My LiveJournal friend's page is full of screen names that I've forgotten entirely the context for, and my FaceBook is an overwhelming jumble of barely acquaintances drowning out the people I actually want to invest more in getting to know.

My monkey sphere is overflowing!

To repopulate my address book, I made a friends-locked post on LiveJournal at the time offering up all my current contact info, and asking for the contact info from anyone who is still tracking me in reply.

Now, before I close of anonymous commenting for good, here is a public (and slightly redacted) version of that same request.

If your still connected enough to me to be reading this, I want to be connected with you as well. And I want to know all your latest data.

Where do you hang out online? Where do you hang out in the real world? And where on earth or online did we first cross paths? Let's reconnect the contexts of the past and present.

If you want in my address book, my browser bookmarks, my RSS feed, or my LJ actively reading list, please let me know as much of the following as you would like to share:
  • Name:
  • Nyms:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Physical Addresses:
  • Virtual Addresses:
  • Past Addresses / Employers: (Where might we have crossed paths?)
  • Preferred Communications Methods:
  • Etc?
Replies to this post (on LiveJournal at least) will be screened so that no one but me will see your details. Or feel free to email me directly instead of replying here.

And to update your own files, here are my details:

Name: Chris Dunphy
Playa Name / Burning Man: "Seeder"
Online Handles: "Radven" / "RenDevang" --- The FAQ of where these handles came from is written here.

Primary Email: chris@radven.net
Aliases: chris@technomadia.com, chris@twostepsbeyond.com (primarily for work / consulting projects)
Other addresses: us@technomadia.com -- Goes to both Cherie and I.
Obsolete Addresses: Too many to list...

Phone: +1-408-667-9022 (mobile / iPhone)

Physical Address: 1961 GM PD-4106 Bus (frequently changes state)
Mailing Address: *redacted from public post*

Virtual Addresses:
Primary Online Home: www.technomadia.com -- My joint travel / technology blog with Cherie. The best place to learn where I am and what I am up to.
Personal Website: www.radven.net // www.radven.com -- Personal web pages, desperately in need of major updating.
LiveJournal: radven.livejournal.com -- My primary personal blogging outlet, though I've only rarely posted here in a long while.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chris.dunphy -- Now that the iOS app is actually decent, I'll probably hang out here a bit more. But FaceBook always leaves me craving more depth - the kind that LiveJournal used to be overflowing with.
Google Plus: Chris Dunphy -- Is this worth investing time in?
Twitter: www.twitter.com/radven (no longer reposts to FaceBook automatically…)
Linked-In: www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdunphy (Not sure what to do with this site…)
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/radven (Not updated in a while, but I think I will refresh this….)
SmugMug: technomadia.smugmug.com (The most recent Technomadia photo albums are here…) *canceled*

I am also on FourSquare, Gowalla, Path, Instagram, Color and a bunch of other faddish social and photo-sharing sites. I don't spend a lot of effort on any of them, but if I had more connections to play with, perhaps it would be worthwhile.

Past Employers: (in chronological order)
  • Washington University, St. Louis, MO.
  • Imagine Publishing / 'boot' Magazine - Brisbane, CA
  • Rendition (3D graphics company) - Silicon Valley
  • Eazel (Linux Startup) - Silicon Valley
  • Amiga (Ill-fated Gateway spinoff) - San Jose, CA
  • Palm / PalmSource - Silicon Valley (and all around the world as a globe-trotting corporate spy and company spokesmodel…)
  • Two Steps Beyond - My consulting business with Cherie.  We also develop a few mobile apps for travelers.
Past Homes: (in reverse chronological order)
  • Technomadically Roaming North America (5+ years now!)
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Black Rock City, NV (for a week each year, almost every year since '99)
  • Boulder Creek, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • St. Louis, MO (college)
  • Miami, FL (high school)
  • Southern New Jersey / Philadelphia
  • Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia (3rd - 6th grades…)
Chat Methods:
  • iMessage: chris@radven.net -- If you have an iOS 5 device, this rocks as a way to chat without the cost or limitations of SMS.
  • FaceTime: chris@radven.net
  • Skype: radven
  • AIM: RenDevang
  • Yahoo Messanger: RenDevang
  • Google Talk: radven@gmail.com
More Apple Geekery:
I am experimenting with the iOS GameCenter as "radven". Friend me there and challenge me to a game.
I am also using Apple's Friend Finder, so if you are a close enough friend to want to share your location - friend me at "chris@radven.net" and we can track each other.

If there is anything else you want to know about me (to perhaps piece together where we met or what we have in common), please ask!

And as I mentioned above - all replies to this post (on LiveJournal) are being screened, so only I will see what you write.

Reconnection time!!!  

Is there anybody out there???
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